Application for a New License

If you are NOT a Kansas Resident OR if you already hold a license in another state, please click here.

New License Requirements (Salesperson and Broker)

1.     You must be at least 18 years of age.

2.     You must have a high school diploma or the equivalent.

3.     You must complete the Pre-License Education Requirements.
  • Salesperson Applicants must complete the Principles of Real Estate (30 hours) and the Kansas Practice Course (30 hours)
  • Broker Applicants must complete the Broker Pre-License Education Course (24 hours)
  • A directory of approved Pre-License Education Providers can be found here.
4.     A KBI/FBI Background Check must be completed.
  • Fingerprint cards are available from Pre-License course providers, at the licensing exam centers, the Commission, and are available at several authorized fingerprinting agencies.
  • The Commission will not forward fingerprints for processing without the background waiver form, the instructions and waiver form may be downloaded here.
5.     You must pass both the general and state sections of the Licensing Exam within 12 months of completing your Pre-License Education.
  • For information on exam scheduling and other procedures, download the Candidate Handbook here.
  • Upon receiving a passing score, Pearson Vue will provide you with a License Application.


The following items are specific to an Application for a Real Estate Salesperson's License:

  • The License Application must be signed by a supervising or branch broker.  This is the broker who will be responsible for supervising the applicant's real estate activities and who will certify that the applicant is honest, trustworthy and of good reputation.
  • An original license cannot be issued on inactive status.
  • Additional Supporting Documentation may be needed.  (See Below)


The following items are specific to an Application for a Kansas Real Estate Broker's License:
  • If you are applying to be the supervising or branch broker of a new office, an Open Company Form is needed.
  • If you will be an associate broker at an existing office, the License Application must be signed by the supervising or branch broker.
  • The Broker Experience Pages and the Broker Transaction log of the License Application must be completed.  In lieu of the transaction log, you may submit a Full Detail MLS report, single line or abbreviated reports will not be accepted.
  • Experience Requirements for Broker's License
    • Licensed as a salesperson in Kansas, or as a salesperson or broker in another state, and ACTIVELY ENGAGED for at least 2 years out of the last 5 years in activities which require a real estate license in Kansas. Qualifying licensed real estate activities must be for compensation and on behalf of a client or customer.
    • These are the minimum requirements necessary for Commission staff to approve a broker application based on the delegated powers of the Commission to the staff.                                              Screen Shot 07-18-17 at 09.21 AM (2)
    • If an applicant does not meet any of the criteria above the application will be forwarded to Commission members for review. The Commission will approve, approve with restrictions and/or conditions, or deny your application based on their evaluation of the information provided.
    • Experience in the real estate or a related business or a combination of such experience and education may be accepted if the Commission believes it qualifies the applicant to act as a broker. Real estate related experience in the activities below can be considered by the Commission.                                                                                                                         Screen Shot 07-18-17 at 09.28 AM (2)
    • Include with your application a resume or position description for consideration of these activities.  A letter of recommendation from the supervising broker is required for consideration of activities as a Transaction Manager, Transaction Administrator, Licensed Assistant, or Real Estate Office Trainer.
    • Documentation of real estate related education such as a Bachelor’s Degree or Minor in Real Estate and national or local designations will also be considered by the Commission.
  • Additional Supporting Documentation may be needed.  (See Below)

Supporting Documentation

Submit the following with the license application:
  1. License History Certification for any real estate license ever held in any state or jurisdiction other than Kansas. The certification may be filed with the License Application or emailed to must be received no later than six months from the issue date shown on the certification. When requesting certification by the Missouri Real Estate Commission, the inclusion of pre-license education and exam information on certifications must be specifically requested
  2. Supporting documentation concerning any of the following:
    • denial, revocation, suspension, voluntary surrender of license or any other disciplinary action taken against any professional or occupational license or certificate ever held by the applicant (include a copy of the disciplinary order and explanation);
    • a final court judgment from real estate related litigation filed against the applicant or a real estate company owned in whole or part by the applicant (include an explanation and a copy of the settlement agreement);
    • any pending misdemeanor or felony charges, any conviction of a criminal offense, or any diversion or suspended imposition of sentence for a criminal offense.Include letters from the applicant explaining the offense and from the proposed supervising broker stating they’re aware of the charges and willing to supervise the applicant under the circumstances.If requested by the Commission, submit copies of the ticket/complaint, the judgement and sentencing order, diversion agreement or order of suspended imposition of sentence, proof of release from any probation or parole, and proof of completion of any diversion or suspended imposition of sentence;
  3. If the applicant is reporting disciplinary action, charges, or convictions, the Commission recommends submission of the following:
    • Letters of recommendation or character references
    • Certificates of completion for any treatment, therapy, victim panel, or group program
    • A resume that includes scholastic, community, volunteer, and work experience
    • A statement regarding the applicant's character, the nature and extent of any rehabilitation, or extenuating or mitigating circumstances concerning illegal activities or conduct
An applicant's license may be restricted or denied pursuant to K.S.A. 58-3043, which allows the Commission to consider the applicant's or licensee's criminal history or any other matters the Commission deems pertinent.


Application Fee
There is a $15.00 application fee for salesperson applicants and a $50.00 fee for broker applicants.  This fee is non-refundable.

Background Check Fee
There is a $60.00 fee for background checks, this fee is non-refundable.

License Fee
There is a $125.00 fee for salesperson applicants and a $175.00 fee for broker applicants.  It is a State of Kansas policy to deposit all checks immediately upon receipt even if a license application has not been processed, is incomplete, or under review.  Should an application be denied or never made complete, the license fee is refunded.