Frequently Asked Questions



Can I apply for a real estate license if I have been convicted of a felony?
If I am currently serving probation, diversion or a suspended imposition of sentence for a misdemeanor, can I apply for a real estate license?
Does an individual need to divulge criminal activity if it occurred when a minor?
What factors does the Commission consider when determining whether to grant a license to an applicant who has a criminal offense?
What do I need to submit with my application if I have reported a criminal conviction, diversion or suspended imposition of sentence?
Can I submit letters of recommendation/reference?
Where do I obtain court documents?
What court documents must I obtain?



Do you license companies?
Does my company need to register the trade name, d/b/a, or fictitious name with the Kansas Secretary of State?
If I am a supervising or branch broker, can my company be in a different state than where I live?

Licensee and Company Changes

Licensee or Company Changes

How do I request certification of my license history for another state?
How do I update my name or contact information with the Commission?
Can I work out of my home?
Can I use a P.O. Box for my address?
How do I place my license on inactive status?
How do I re-activate my license?
Can I work on an inactive license?
How long does my license stay on inactive status?
How do I change my company affiliation?
Can a company affiliation change be delayed if the licensee owes me money?
How do I affiliate my license with more than one company or branch office?
How do I remove an affiliation from my license?
How do I change my company or branch office name?
How do I change my company email address, phone or fax number?
How do I open a company or branch office?
How do I close a company or branch office?
How do I change the responsible broker for my company?
How do I change my company or branch office address?

Brokerage Relationships in Real Estate Transactions Act (BRRETA)


May I pay a referral fee to an unlicensed person?
May I pay an unlicensed assistant?
How do I pay a licensed assistant for activities requiring a license?
I am licensed in another state. Can I list or sell Kansas real estate and "partner" or "cooperate" with a Kansas broker without obtaining a Kansas real estate license?
As an agent, am I responsible for making sure the other agent fills in the Agency Disclosure correctly?
Can the Commission call my broker and get my commission check corrected (or paid)?
What are the brokerage relationship options when you are a broker with no affiliated licensees?
May I tell my listing clients I am moving to another company and give them my new contact information?
Can a licensee take their listings when they change company affiliations?



What information must appear in all advertising of a listed property ?
As an independent contractor, may I do my own advertising?
May I include my personal contact information in an advertisement?
May I include a team name, slogan and/or a website or domain name in an advertisement?
May a licensee advertise their own property for sale as a FSBO instead of listing it with a broker?

Trust Accounts

Trust Account

What is an escrow or trust account?
Is a broker required to have a trust account?
How do I get approval for a trust account from the Commission?
How do I report the closure of my trust account to the Commission?
Where may a broker establish a trust account?
May I have an interest bearing trust account for earnest money and other trust funds?
When must funds be deposited in a trust account?
Is it permissible to keep extra funds in a trust account?
What kind of record keeping do I need for a trust account?
How do I get approval from the Commission not to maintain a trust account?

Compliance Review

Compliance Review

What documents must a broker maintain as a part of the brokerage records?
How long do I have to keep transaction files and other records?
What is the purpose of a compliance review?
How will I be contacted if I am selected for a Compliance Review?
Is it acceptable to send the requested items to staff by email?
If violations are found, will staff tell me how much I will be fined?
How soon after the compliance review is complete will I receive the official results?
What if I do not agree with the compliance review findings?